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Artist Statement


The outcome of my artistic work is always dependent on what happens between my work and the spectator. I like to explore a subject matter in a subtle way, wanting to make people wonder and take time to reflect. I often find my work revolving around themes like heritage, ancestors, life of women, lived life and meetings.


My work often has a quiet and tranquil feel about it.  I love the whiteness and translucency of the porcelain, and I particularly love pale colours. It is a colour palette which appeals to my Nordic identity, a colour palette in which I feel at home. I find it interesting to experiment with few factors at a time, and thus challenge myself to find the rich and unexpected variations available within that “framework”. Working in series comes naturally, as a way to reveal those variations.


Over the years I’ve noticed that texture and surface in my work often relate to something graphic and/or textile. This often comes from not covering the traces of the process, or printing on the clay surface to create relief or a graphic motif or pattern. I prefer working in porcelain or stoneware clay, and fire my work to 1250-1280 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln.


When I exhibit my work, I try to create an experience rather than just display my work. I am happy to let people feel and touch my work, so they can experience the tactility and surface as well as observe the visual qualities.

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Tel: +47 934 94 245


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